Child & Adolescent Health

Child Health

We aim to ensure that children have the the best possible start in life and that they get the most from their visits to the practice.

Visits are free for children and teenages under 14 years. If you have concerns please come and see us.

General check ups and personalised screening advice.

If you have concerns about your child's health or wish to have a better understanding of the recommended screening and preventative medical opportunities please come and see us. The following link provides general guidelines for specific ages.

Recommended Child Health and Parenting Resources

  • A-Z of child health

    The Paediatric Society of New Zealand and the Starship Foundation have developed a comprehensive resource for parents, caregivers, family and whānau. This LINK provides an A-Z of child health and advice on keeping kids healthy.

  • Free Dental Care

    Auckland Regional Dental Service provides free dental assessments and care from birth to children up to Year 8 (Form 2). This service operates from 83 dental facilities across the greater Auckland area and include a mixture of fixed clinics, transportable dental units and dental vans. School age children may be seen at school in a variety of ways on the Dental Van, on a Transportable Dental Unit or at a Fixed Clinic. 

    Auckland Regional Dental Services (ARDS) have recently started Saturday clinics by appointment. Parents can now request a Saturday appointment at the Point England Clinic – 130A Pt England Rd, Pt England clinic or Wesley Intermediate Clinic – 770 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham  


    All babies born in Auckland's main hospitals are automatically registered with the Auckland Regional Dental service. You will receive a welcome text and your child will be invited to a dental appointment when they are about 1 year old. 

    If your child is new to Auckland or new to New Zealand, they may not be registered with the dental service. To enrol/register your child please complete the ARDS Dental Registration Update E-form, phone 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583) or contact one of our dental facilities. School age children who have been enrolled as a pre-school patient will be automatically transferred to their school roll. If your child has not been previously enrolled at a clinic you may receive an enrolment pack from the Dental Clinic. 

    For more information check Auckland Regional Dental Services or Dental and Oral Health.

  • Immunisation Program

    For more information about our national childhood immunisation program please see the following link.

    Ministry of Health Immunization Schedule

  • Parent helpline and information service

    This free telephone advice service and online information service provides support with all parenting challenges from those everyday situations to the most serious issue of child abuse. Available from 9am to 11pm, seven days a week. The Parent Helpline also provide affordable family therapy, counselling, parenting education, mediation service and information on parenting. Parent helpline has no time limit on calls.

    Parent helpline and information service 0800 568 856.

  • Parenting in New Zealand

    For more information on a range of support services for new mothers to parents of older children see the following, New Zealand parenting in NZ.

  • Positive Parenting and Active Lifestyle Program (PPAL)

    Free for families whose preschoolers are overweight and would benefit from being more active. Described as a fun and active program that is run over 17 weeks, parents and whanau are provided with education and support. Child care is available. Please ask the Nurses or Doctors to refer your children.

    Please ask the Nurses or Doctors to refer your children.

Adolescent Health

Adolescence and young adulthood are generally healthy times of life. However, for some people important health and social problems may begin or peak during these years.

We understand that this can be a challenging time in many ways and will work alongside you to support you and meet your health needs.  Anything you discuss with your doctor or nurse will be kept confidential, unless your health or the health of others could possibly be in danger.

We have a range of programmes that allow us to see younger people at no or reduced cost, so if cost is an issue, please do not let this put you off making an appointment. Let the person you see know that you have money concerns.

Adolescent patients who are 16 years old are offered a fully subsidised appointment tailored to their needs.

  • Free Dental Care

    Adolescent care from Year 9 (Form 3) until their 18th birthday. Regardless of whether adolescents are at school, in paid employment or not, they are all entitled to free dental services. For more information about adolescent dental care or to find a dental practice who provides funded dental care near you please check Dental and Oral Health or phone 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583).

    For more information check Auckland Regional Dental Services

  • General check up and personalised screening advice

    If you have concerns about your health or wish to have a better understanding of your personal risk come and see us. We will review your family history, provide assessment and personalised screening and preventative medical advice. The following LINK provides general guidelines for age specific screening and preventative medical advice.

    Please visit this page to learn about the different screenings you need at different ages.

  • Sexual Health

    To encourage our younger patients to see us we offer fully subsidised sexual health appointments for registered patients under 25 years of age (up to 4 appointments per year) with one of our doctors or nurses.

    Here is a page detailing our sexual health services.

    Emergency Contraception

    Emergency contraception can be used after unprotected sex to protect against pregnancy.

    Emergency Contraception is recommended if you -

  • haven't used protection

  • your normal contraception/ārai hapū fails e.g. condom splits,

  • you have missed more than one contraceptive pill

  • you have been vomiting or had diarrhoea while on the pill

  • you have missed your injection

  • you have been forced to have sex without contraception.

    There are two types of emergency contraception available in New Zealand and are the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) and a copper IUCD. Both works, most effectively if used as early as possible. Emergency contraception does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. We will help you decide if you need an STI test.  Please make an appointment to see the doctor or nurse as soon a s possible if you have any concerns.

    The Emergency contraceptive pill (ECP), is approved to be taken up to 72 hours (three days) after unprotected sex, but research shows it is effective up to four days after sex. The sooner you take it, the better. For women of an average weight, the ECP is 98% effective.  For others a double dose of medicine may be offered or as an alternative an IUCD. The Emergency contraceptive pill is provided free at the practice for patients who are enrolled and under 25 years of age. For others a standard nurse or doctor fee will apply.  The ECP can be purchased from some pharmacies (usually at a cost of between $35 and $50). We can provide a prescription for the ECP in advance if you feel the need for this.

    The copper intrauterine device (Copper IUCD) can also be used for emergency contraception. This device is put in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It can be inserted up to 120 hours (five days) after unprotected sex, or within five days of your earliest expected date of ovulation. The IUD can stay in your uterus for five years or more, and it is 99% effective. You can make an appointment at the Practice or Family Planning to have a copper IUD inserted. You may need to have two appointments at the clinic for this. Please talk to the nurse and let them know what you need an appointment.

  • Skin Health

    There are a range of skin conditions that can trouble patients during their adolescent years.Acne is one such condition and it can be treated. We  have considerable experience in the management or acne and other skin problems and will guide you through the options that are best for you.

    Find out more about our skin health services.

  • Stressed out or concerned about your body image, lifestyle choices or  mental health?

    If you have any questions, worries about your mood or are facing challenging times please call or come and see us. If meeting the cost of appointments is a problem please let us know. We will be able to support you.

    This page provides information relating to some of the mental health challenges often experienced.