Immunisation/Vaccination Services  

Vaccinations and immunisation are crucial to the well-being of our patients. Our doctors and nurses will answer any questions you have.

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The table below provides information on the NZ recommendations for vaccinations/immunisations for specific patient groups.

NZ Recommendations for Vaccinations/Immunisations for Specific Patient Groups.

All Ages

NZ Child Immunisation/Vaccination Schedule LINK
Adults under 65 years *
Adults over 65 years *
High Risk Groups

Some people are at greater risk of vaccine-preventable diseases due to certain conditions or underlying disease,
or through their occupation or other risk factors. These groups include, but are not limited to, pregnant and lactating
women, some occupations, infants with special immunisation considerations, immunocompromised individuals
of all ages, older adults, immigrants, refugees and other travellers.

Pregnant women

Immunisation against influenza and whooping cough during every pregnancy is recommended by the Ministry
of Health, and is fully subsidised.


Lactating women

Flu (Influenza) Vaccinations 

We highly recommend that all adults and children (older than 6 months) receive a yearly flu vaccination and that travellers to the Northern Hemisphere winter are vaccinated if they have not received the NZ flu vaccination from our preceding winter. 

Flu can make some people very sick and flu related deaths occur every year in New Zealand. One small injection is required for all age groups except for children aged from 6 months - 2 years who have not had a previous vaccination. These children require two vaccinations, 2 weeks apart, to ensure that a good immunity is created. In following years this group will only require a single vaccination. 

The seasonal influenza vaccine is formulated to cover the strains most likely to be present during the New Zealand winter months. Regular flu vaccinations also provide immune education that may be helpful in preventing or reducing complications of the flu should patents become unwell in the future.  

The flu vaccination is fully funded by the Government for patients most at risk of severe consequences of the flu.

See here if you are eligible Included in this group are pregnant women, in all trimesters, all year round.