Wellness Check-ups 

If you have not seen a doctor for 2-3 years, are concerned about the implications of family history on your own wellbeing or aspects of your current health, please come in and have a check-up. We will spend 30 minutes with you, discussing your concerns, checking out your family history, complete an examination and arrange follow-up and testing as required. Wellness checks allow screening opportunities to be scheduled, base line health data to be collected and care to be provided. 

Half hour appointments for wellness checks cost $88 to $108.00 (Variations due to Government Subsidy).  If additional testing is indicated costs will be discussed with you at the time of consultation. 

Wellness Checks, vaccinations and screening are all ways we can support you to optimise your health and could save you and your family a lot of stress. 

Click here Age specific screening and preventative medicine schedules are outlined, and see our recommendations for health preventative and screening opportunities for all ages.