RRMC opens dedicated Travel Medicine Clinic

 Today, the world of travel related medicine has changed dramatically. The pursuits, we engage in have expanded and diseases, once confined to given continents, have found other places to thrive. Add to these longer flights with added risks and the difficulties of finding up to date, reliable information, specific to your health needs.   

In the face of these challenges we have decided to provide a dedicated and high-quality travel medicine service for people both enrolled at the Practice and those who wish to attend our travel clinic as a visitor. More than just a quick stop for shots, we’re interested in your travel plans. What are your activities? Where are you going? What are your plans when you’re back?   

We love travel. Most of all, we love safe travel.  So, if you’re planning a trip, give us a call and schedule an appointment – and make sure it’s a trip you’ll enjoy always.