Consultation Fees

New Patients

New Patients
Extended Consultation time
Under 14 Free

Enrolled Patients (funded) STANDARD CONSULTATION

Adult 18 - under 45 $ 52.00
Adult 45 - under 65 $ 50.00
Adult 65 plus $ 42.00
Child 14 - under 18 $ 40.00
Child under 14 Free

Enrolled Patients (funded) ACC CONSULTATION

Adult over 18 $ 40.00
Adolescent 14 - under 18 $ 30.00
Child under 14 Free

Casual Patients (Not Funded) STANDARD CONSULTATION

Adult over 18 $79.00
Adolescent 14 - 18 $79.00
Child under 14 $64.00

Casual (Not Funded) Patients ACC

Adolescent 14 - under 18 $30.00
Child  Under 14

Casual (Not Funded) with Community Services Card Standard Consultation - 15 minute appointment

Enrolled Patients with Community Service Cards* Standard and ACC Consultations - 15 minute appointment

Adult 18 - under 45 $18.50
Adult 45 - under 65 $18.50
Adult 65 plus $18.50
Adolescent 14 - under 18 $12.50
Child under 14 Free
Adult over 18
Over 14 years
Under 14 years

*If you are unsure if you are eligible for a Community Service Card, please see: Work and Income


Additional Charges may be indicated:

  • Repeat Prescriptions

  • INR Management

  • Nurse Appointment

  • Dressings

  • ACC dressing

  • Ear Syringe

  • Special Procedures

  • Medicals

  • Depo Provera

  • Jadelle

  • Mirena/IUCD

  • Minor Surgery

  • Liquid Nitrogen

  • Tympanometry

  • ECG

  • Travel Vaccinations

  • Spirometry

  • Referals

  • Administration fee

    Additional fees will apply for work outside standard consultations. This includes referral letters, insurance medicals, authorisation of documents, warfarin monitoring and follow up phone calls. 

  • Blood Test (Phlebotomy) Service

    A free blood test service is available for NZ Residents, referred by a member of their medical team, at LABTESTS.

    To find a LABTESTS collection center near you see

    Blood tests are available at the Richmond Road Medical Center for a fee of $15.00. General practices in New Zealand are not funded to take bloods.

  • Consultation - Times and Charges

    Charges are based on standard 15-minute GP consultations. To be able to address complex or multiple issues thoroughly and safely we ask that you book a 30-minute appointment.

  • Payments

    Payment is expected at the time of all consultations and at the time of script collection. EFTPOS, credit card and internet banking facilities are available. Patients using internet banking are asked to please include their surname and initials and reference “Script” in payment details.

    A fee of $7.50 is added to all accounts that remain unpaid by the end of the calendar month.

    We understand that sometimes patients may have difficulty with payment. Please discuss this with our Practice Manager at the time of your consultation.

  • Debt Management

    A charge of $7.50 will be added to all accounts that are been by the end of the calendar month.

    Please note that all costs incurred in the recovery of overdue fees, including but not limited to debt recovery charges and legal fees, may be added to the balance of your account.

  • Cancellations

    If you are unable to make your appointment, please give us a minimum of two hours notice of cancellation. We reserve the right to charge for non-attendance at the rate of your appointment.