Sexual Health Consultation for General Services

We understand that consultations for problems related to emergency contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and other aspects of sexual health are often difficult for patients. However, these are common presentations and represent important aspects of our lives. Patients may wish to discuss issues related to sexual wellbeing, such as sexual identity, libido, sexual function and the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. We offer support and successful management options.

Sexually Transmitted Infecctions (STIs) are so common most of us will have on at some point. For more information visit

  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment.

    Pre-exposure prophylaxis refers to the use of HIV medication by people who are HIV-negative in order to reduce their risk of HIV infection. The following link provides more information about PrEP

  • Sexual Health for younger people.

    To encourage our younger patients to see us we offer a subsidised sexual health appointments for registered patients under 25 years of age (up to 4 appointments per year) with our doctors and nurses.