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Measles Update September 2019 !!!

Important information:

We have very limited numbers of Measles/MMR vaccines. The Ministry of Health have prioritised scheduled vaccines for unimmunised children under 4 years old, non vaccinated Maori and Pacific Islanders under 30 years.




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RRMC opens dedicated Travel Medicine Clinic 

Today, the world of travel related medicine has changed dramatically, the pursuits, we engage in have expanded and diseases that were once confined to continents have found other places to thrive. Read more

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Free Breast Mobile Screening Unit

In Grey Lynn until 20th of September 2019

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Ear Wax

The build-up of earwax is a common problem that can cause a range of symptoms and signs. These include discomfort or pain, a feeling of fullness or blockage and  hearing, ringing, humming or buzzing problems in the ear. Some patients may experience dizziness (vertigo).

If you have concerns, our ear suction nurse can help. Please call for an appointment.