Travel Medicine


Our TRAVELSAFE service is recommended for all travellers and is available to both members of our community and registered patients. TRAVELSAFE consults provide up-to-the-minute, medical advice specific to your planned destinations, activities and your personal health needs. We aim to help ensure your travels are safe and enjoyable. 

Our TRAVELSAFE Service provides you with individualised: 

  • Up-to-date pre and post travel advice.

  • Vaccinations for disease prevention specific to your destination.

  • Options to maximise your long term vaccination protection.

  • Alerts to possible hazards specific to your destination, such as high risk areas within a country and risks around specific activities on offer there.

  • Advice on how to manage illness should this occur during your travel.

  • Prescription medicines and instructions for their use for many common conditions such as travelers diarrhea.

  • Advice on how to make your travel more comfortable by minimising the effects of travel problems such as jet lag, altitude sickness and motion sickness.


To help you get the most out of your travel consult please complete the following steps.  

  1. Booking your TRAVELSAFE consult at Richmond Road Medical Center.

    Please tell our receptionist when booking an appointment that it is for a TRAVELSAFE consultation or complete the TRAVELSAFE booking inquiry form below and we will get back to you

  2. Complete the Pre-travel Checklist.

    Please download and complete the following Pre-travel checklist before your scheduled appointment or arrive 15 minutes early and ask the receptionist for a copy. Completion of the Pre-travel checklist prior to your appointment will help you get the most from your time with the Doctor. 

    For travellers who have had past vaccinations elsewhere, please provide your past vaccination records if you are able. 

Further information about your travel consult.  

  • Receiving Vaccinations.

    Vaccinations will be provided on the same day as your appointment where possible. Please note that vaccinations are an additional cost to the consultation and that payment is required at the time of your appointment.
    For your safety you will need to remain at the clinic under observation for 20 minutes after the vaccines are administered.

    Developed by a vaccine manufacturer, the following link, provides countrywide recommendations for travelers.

    As these recommendations do not account for all planned travel activities, pregnancy, pre-pregnancy planning for men and women or your specific health needs. We therefore encourage all patients to see us to maximize their travel safety and enjoyment.

    Click here to download our pre-travel checklist.

  • TRAVELSAFE consultation costs.

    Travel Safe appointments are for 30 minutes and cost $130. Additional family members traveling to the same destination are $25 each for up to two persons. Consultations for family members must happen at the same time to be eligible for the group discount.  If you require vaccinations this is an additional cost.

  • Timeliness of Travel Vaccinations.

    Some vaccinations take several months to provide maximum protection, so we advise you to see us as soon possible about your travel plans. If you miss any deadline, we will help you get the best protection possible.


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